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Google Secrets – How to Get a Top 10 Ranking

Our main focus is to give you the maximum results using the minimum amount of your money. There are numerous success stories of business people getting top rankings on Google using no pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. As such, this page covers the paid forms of advertising you can do on Google – specifically Google AdWords™ somewhat sparsely. Before embarking down the potentially PPC road, you should take advantage to the fullest the free exposure that Google can provide for you. Only after you have applied the techniques in this guide should you really consider whether Google AdWords and other PPC campaigns are the right choice for you. There are numerous stories of small business owners spending large amounts of money every month, getting into bidding wars with their competitors, and for whom can’t get to a break-even point with their web sites. However, since PPC campaigns do have their place in marketing web sites, and since no discussion about Google would be complete without discussing AdWords

While you are going through this website, there is one important thing to remember: Getting a top ranking is only part of it. Yes, you will receive lots of traffic to your Site, but you then need to convert these visitors to satisfied, paying, and repeat customers. If you do not have a web site with compelling, fresh and useful content, Intuitive navigation, a simple ordering system, and a reason to return, all of your Efforts will be wasted. Put another way, having lots of traffic is only half the equation to success on the Web – you still need to make sales. This means making sure you have a professional and easy-to-use web site with products, services, or information that visitor’s need in place beforehand. This seems obvious, but is often overlooked! are you ready for massive amounts of free traffic to your site? Are you ready to blow past the competition? Then let’s get started.